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Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith – The Unseen Factor


Much of Lilith’s power lies in the dark. Like a blind spot that needs to be mirrored to be seen.

Mirrored through events and others, Lilith serves as an initiator and mostly as a scapegoat. Often confused with the darker powers of Scorpio and Capricorn, black moon Lilith shares certain qualities with them. Feared from the beginning for her unyielding strength and demand of equality. Continue reading

Astrology, the Arts & Polarity Therapy

The Art of Astrology serves many directions. As a symbolic language it guides us in understanding the cylces of life and its infinite possibilities of manifestion. As a base reference system we can see its principle at work wherever we direct our focus. From implicate to explicate orders, the shere wonder of life playing itself out has fascinated mankind ever since we have started to find “logic” in the movement of life, mirrored by the movement of the stars and planetary bodies. As above so below is only one of the many philosophical principles making up the comprehensive system called Astrology. Continue reading

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