The Art of Astrology serves many directions. As a symbolic language it guides us in understanding the cylces of life and its infinite possibilities of manifestion. As a base reference system we can see its principle at work wherever we direct our focus. From implicate to explicate orders, the shere wonder of life playing itself out has fascinated mankind ever since we have started to find “logic” in the movement of life, mirrored by the movement of the stars and planetary bodies. As above so below is only one of the many philosophical principles making up the comprehensive system called Astrology.

Especially in the healing arts and above all through the healing power of music – also reflected through the harmony of the spheres – we find the highest form of all expression. Music and Astrology are universal languages. Understood by all, touching us on a transpersonal level, where differences fade away and understanding leads the way, giving us an opportunity to express ourselves where words might fail.

I was lucky to grow up in a well protected environment…

In a family where music and nature were held in high regard and part of daily life. In a time and area where education for all was the norm – irrespective of gender, race or money – and where peace was a given and undisputed factor. I was born in Austria in 1966. My generation grew up without the internet and we had an active and great childhood, playing in the streets, feeling safe and ready to explore the world.

And so I did. After matriculating in a gymnasium for Natural Sciences, it seemed too daunting to embark on long studies and the English custom of a gap year was not welcome or supported. Something I really wanted to do, especially after a student exchange one summer to learn English. I simply loved it. As if somehow life was suddenly switched on and Austria seemed pretty boring after that. So Tourism it was and off I went to see the world.

After some practical experience in France and Greece, I ended up on the other side of the globe. Looks like the principle of polarity caught on early. South Africa became my new home, travel my business and Astrology & Polarity Therapy my new passion. One passion has been with me always however in one form or another – the creative Arts of Music, Singing & Dancing. From early days of playing the violin, ballet & gymnastics to singing throughout my life. Performances included.

So how does all this tie up in the way I practice Astrology?

The outward journey across the globe has changed direction. It has become an inward journey and foots on the many experiences life has held so far. My aim is one of understanding what the journey holds, to find a meaningful or perhaps just joyful way of expressing the innermost needs and desires. To be part of this grand symphony called life and to play my part in it. And to help others find their tune. This is what the healing arts, which astrology is part of can give to us – a guide on how to become whole.

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